How to Disable Photo and Video Comments on Instagram

How to Disable Photo and Video Comments on Instagram – Do you know if currently Instagram has released a new feature, allowing users to disable comment fields in photo or video postings in your account, the purpose of Instagram or IG release this feature, so that users have full control over user accounts, so that it becomes convenient and safe when used to avoid bad comments or bully aims. This means any Instagram user can specify any photos or videos that other users can comment on or can not work.
coment-instagram How to Disable Photo and Video Comments on Instagram
In addition, another new feature is to remove the follower for a private account without known by the follower you remove until they are aware, no longer see your post on Instagram, it is very important if you do not want all your posts seen by users you do not recognize. But the feature only applies if your account settings to private.

The love-like likes feature available on every comment line on every photo or video post in your account or other users, the goal is to give a positive impression or support a comment on photos or videos posted on Instagram. But currently, this feature, not yet fully available to all users, only a few accounts are selected, but the Instagram party promised if it will release the feature turn off comments as a whole a few weeks into the future,

But before you have to update your Instagram version in Android or iOS, through their respective application store, if you are lucky you can directly enjoy this feature in your account, as explained before, if disable comments in IG not fully enjoyed by all users , but if you do not get this feature, you should wait several weeks ahead.

there are two options to disable comment fields in your photos or videos on Instagram, first before you publish your content, second only to you publishing it. but whether comments on posts that have been disabled can be active again? of course, you can set it anytime you want.

After you have finished editing the photos or videos you want to upload, please tap the advanced settings located at the bottom, then please turn on “Turn OFF Commenting” the photos you share in Instagram will not display comment fields and will not allow anyone else commented on your photo or video.

Disabling comments on old posts in your account, please select and tap the photos or videos contained in your account that you want to disable comments, then select the menu (three vertical round dots) located at the top right corner of your post, you will see Delete options, turn off commenting, Edit and Share please you choose the second, to remove the comment field on the post.

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