How to Manage Maximum Amount of iCloud Free Accounts

How to Manage Maximum Amount of iCloud Free Accounts – The mainstay on the iPhone or iPad and iOS device, in general, is icloud, this feature can be used to backup user data as well as track if someday your iPhone is lost or stolen
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but there is a requirement to be able to use the icloud feature on your device, that is must have icloud, an email with @ or any other email like yahoo or Gmail that has been registered on Apple server
to access this feature.

Users can create icloud account with free iPhone or iPad or create icloud account via Mac

But the number of accounts you can make is only 3x, after that you can no longer make icloud for free, because Apple will record any registration of the account or be signing on icloud. usually, users who buy a secondhand or secondhand iPhone will get into trouble “* / This device is no longer eligible to create a free iCloud account / *” when a user wants to log in with a pre-made Apple ID email. The reason is that Apple does provide rules only up to 3 accounts only as the Maximum Amount of iCloud Free Accounts as I described earlier.

How to Manage Maximum Amount of iCloud Free Accounts

Likewise, when users want to create a new icloud account on their iPhone or iPad the other error message will appear, but still with the same problem “* / Maximum number of free accounts has been enabled in This iPhone / * “essentially the user cannot get into iCloud.

But do not worry because your icloud troubleshooting tips cannot enter because the maximum amount, but you have to borrow an iPhone or iPad friends, anyone who is kind, because later account creation
New icloud will be done on Apple devices that have not had this problem yet, or can still be used to sign up. But you need to know if using this method will reduce one account creation ration from the device.

If you already have Apple

please ask a friend who has an iPhone to sign out his icloud account first, then log in using your Apple d or create a new icloud account. After that, please note do not combine the data with the icloud first owner if you find the selections that appear on the iPhone screen, please you directly sign out the icloud account you created.

Apple id has a difference with the icloud account, in terms of feature access, Apple id is only used to download or purchase content through the App Store or iTunes Store, such as apps, books, and songs. for special account access to online storage features and find my iPhone. but you can also use your Apple id email as icloud account, and vice versa you can use icloud email as Apple id which later can be as your email to login in App Store and iTunes store.

Whether the icloud account is free or paid, the answer, of course, Apple will provide this service free of charge to users of iOS and OS X devices, unless you pay someone else’s services to create an account from icloud. A few articles on How to Manage Maximum Amount of iCloud Free Account, hopefully, all your problems can be resolved, through this post.

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