How to Send or Transfer Photos From iPhone to Android Device

How to Send or Transfer Photos From iPhone to Android Device – As we know, iPhone users are actually a bit difficult to send files such as photos, videos, songs and other files to other devices such as Android. Because all this time we have been spoiled by Bluetooth feature to receive and send data when using devices other than the iPhone.

But it can be ascertained if iPhone users or other IOS devices will feel confused why the Bluetooth feature on their device cannot do that, it’s because the Bluetooth function in iOS is actually different from what we understand. For more details please read explanation articles Bluetooth functionality on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
How-to-Send-or-Transfer-Photos-From-iPhone-to-Android-Device How to Send or Transfer Photos From iPhone to Android Device

How to Send or Transfer Photos From iPhone to Android Device

Because Apple’s operating system that we know as iOS is closed and the most secure, this is very reasonable, one of prevention and anticipation of Apple is not allowing other devices to be able to connect with this device and access user data, unlike Android that carries open source is an open operating system and can be developed by anyone, including users can still use Bluetooth to send each other and received the file.

But that does not mean Android does not care about security issues because at this time Google is behind the development. Android will continue to develop and innovate to secure. Their OS from malicious programs can be harmful.

Then, If so Is iPhone users or other iOS devices, can still send their files to devices like Android?

The answer, of course, can, But the file you can send is also limited because the method that will be used is using third-party applications that you can download through App Store. Why is it limited, because in iOS Third-party apps have no way to access all the libraries of each file except for Photos.

For Photo Transfer From iPhone to Android Device this time, we will use Xender application that can be downloaded for free by iPhone users (iOS) and Android. actually, there are still many applications that have features like this, But I will write in this article using only xender applications only.

The condition, so that these two different devices can connect to each other, that is both must install this application on each device.

* Step 1 *: Please download each of these apps on iPhone and Android via the following link Xender For iPhone (Appstore) and Xender for Android

* Step 2 *: After your iPhone and Android device is finished downloading and installing This app, please open it, for iPhone will usually show up to access your photos and videos, press OK.

* Step 3 *: To connect Android Device to iPhone, Please open this app on your android smartphone, then tap icon “* + *” which is in the bottom right corner of the screen and choose “Create Group” and wait a while until the Group is finished.

* Step 4 *: After the group So in Android, your tethering feature will automatically be active with the same code name “/ ADYYYXN1 /”, you should not close the xender app on your Android, keep it open until iPhone successfully connect and send photos

* Step 5 *: In iPhone please close the Xender Application on your device, then go to settings and activate your wifi, then connect the iPhone with network group (tethering) that has been made on Android with code similar above.

* Step 6 *: After iPhone connected with tethering connection with access point code like this code “/ ADYYYXN1 /” found on Android, please reopen Xender Application on iPhone, you will see the two devices are connected and ready to send each other and receive data.

* Step 7 *: To send photos or video from iPhone to Android, please tap the photos to mark, then please tap on the send button located at the bottom of the screen. quickly the Android device will receive the data.

This method utilizes tethering connections to connect to each other, whether to use packet data connection? the answer is unnecessary and unaffected. If you want your Bluetooth functionality in iPhone can be like in Android that can receive and send any file, it can actually by Jailbreak method by installing a tweak that is Air Blue sharing

Perhaps you have a bit of a boost about this way, whether from Android can send back data such as photos to the iPhone, the answer can and after the photo received on your iPhone can directly see it through a photo application or camera roll. What about other files like songs or ebooks? still, can, but the file can only be open through the Xender application on the iPhone. Why can only photos be sent from iPhone to Android? the answer is because iOS only allows photo libraries to be accessible by third-party apps like xender or other.

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