How to Strengthen the 4G LTE Signal on Android

How to Strengthen the 4G LTE Signal on Android – Experiencing signal loss when you use Android certainly makes you annoyed, is not it? When you’re cool to use the internet or are streaming video but the signal on your phone is unstable of course that will quickly become slow, and all the data traffic connected will be hampered.
How-to-Strengthen-the-4G-LTE-Signal-on-Android-2 How to Strengthen the 4G LTE Signal on Android
Things you can do to get Android signal is not lost suddenly usually by using certain applications. But there are several ways you can do to strengthen the Android signal Immediately see the steps.
How-to-Strengthen-the-4G-LTE-Signal-on-Android-2 How to Strengthen the 4G LTE Signal on Android

How to Strengthen the 4G Signal on Android

1. Check the Signal Strength

When you’re using the internet on Android, suddenly the connection is lost. It turns out after you check the signal used operator weakened, your activity automatically when the sedan using the internet will be hampered. Then how to solve it? The trick is that in addition to seeing the number of signal bars in the status bar, there is another way to check the signal strength. That is, for Android users just go to “Settings» choose About Phone »Status”. Next, the signal strength will be shown in units of decibels milliwatt (dBm).

2. Fishing Network With Enable Airplane Mode

How-to-Strengthen-the-4G-LTE-Signal-on-Android-2 How to Strengthen the 4G LTE Signal on Android
The next way to stabilize the 4G signal on Android is by enabling Air Plane Mode, this way will refresh the connection to the network operator you use. In addition, it could be an Android phone you will be connected to the nearest signal transmitter. Can Not only that other than to return signal 4G which suddenly lost Air Plane Mode has another function that is:

* Save battery
* Speed up rechargeable batteries
* Avoiding distractions
* Reinforce the signal

3. Key in One Network

Tuning the network lock to 4G Only or LTE Only can be used to keep your signal from being easily lost. In addition, by locking in the network is formed, your phone battery will be more efficient than usual because the phone will not search for different networks constantly.

4. Keep Batteries Always Full

Why always be full? full here does not mean your Android smartphone battery should be at 100%, full here is to keep your phone from automatically activating the power saving mode. This mode can just disconnect while connecting to the network because to switch connections from one transmitter to another transmitter it takes a lot of power. So, if it turns out the signal problem on your Android phone is due to this, just charge your smartphone.

5. Do not in Building or Indoor

Next to deal with a 4G lost signal, preferably when you are using the internet with a 4G network is not done indoors. It is indeed quite influential, the network obtained will not be maximized. It is invisible, because of the cellular network using electromagnetic waves so cannot be seen with the visible. My suggestion you use outside the room to get a more optimal and stable.

6. Replace SIM Provider Card

Have tried several ways before, but it still does not work. Please try this way by replacing the SIM card you are using. Maybe the card provider does not support 4G network in your area, and indeed for now in Indonesia 4G network is not yet fully obtainable because it is still constrained technical factors.

7. Use 3G / 4G Speed Optimizer & Signal Guard Pro Application

Finally, you can use this one-third-party app, the 3G / 4G Speed Optimizer application and the Signal Guard pro. This app can do a lot of things related to the network on your Android. This app can fix Android signals are lost abruptly. If you want to use this app please download on Google Play

Every Way of Strengthening Signal 4G on Android can be applied in any smartphone brands such as Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi, ASUS Zenfone, Sony Xperia, Oppo, LG and other brands.

From the 7 ways above you can do the comparison, which is roughly successful. Please, you can try it one by one. Thereby explanation from me on how to amplify the 4G signal on Android

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